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Research Services


Research Services

1.Granting Internship /Sabbatical

In order to facilitate research in the arenas of Islamic and Islamic-humanities sciences, to introduce scientific, cultural, religious and political elites of the world to Islam and teachings of Ahl-ul-bait (AS), to benefit from the knowledge and abilities of world’s scientific elites, to expand scientific resources and to reinforce and deepen international scientific collaborations, Al-Mustafa University grants internship/sabbatical to the non-Iranian expert applicants. Hitherto, hundreds of applicants have been granted with internships /sabbaticals.


2.Library and Database

The rich general and specialised libraries are of the most important scientific infrastructure of education and research centres. Al-Mustafa University has made efforts for organizing general and specialised libraries in centres and schools inside and outside the country, the result of which  has appeared in the form of 110 libraries in education centres in Iran and abroad.

The database for books, publications and theses in various languages, with the ability to search by subject, title, author, publisher, ISBN etc… and capability of printing reports and data storage, is among Al-Mustafa University’s library facilities.

Besides the opening of rich libraries worldwide, Al-Mustafa University has also launched a digital library where books and publications can be stored electronically, so that enthusiasts from all corners of the world, using latest technology, gain an easy access to the contexts of books.


3. Supporting Researchers

One of the research related activities of Al-Mustafa University is to gather information about and create a database of researchers, and to establish Researchers Foundation to organize, support and honor them. The foundation is also to support and protect researchers’ products.  

Al-Mustafa University has established contact with researchers within and outside Iran using its database, and supports their products and works that are in the form of compilation, translation, editing and research.





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