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Admission to M.A. Program in Islamic Philosophy


Admission to M.A.  Program in Islamic Philosophy

To address philosophical issues facing contemporary man as well as preparing the ground for dialogue between Islamic philosophy and western philosophy, Al Mustafa International University, Tehran Campus, is going to admit international students for its MA program in Islamic Philosophy. Prospective students must normally hold a Bachelors Degree and Admission requirements mentioned below.

   Admission Requirements


B.A. graduates in philosophy, Islamic philosophy, contemporary history of Islamic world, or Islamic studies will be admitted in accordance with the regulations of Al-Mustafa International University.

- Graduates of majors other than those specified above will be required to pass prerequisite courses according to the regulations.

- The program will be conducted in English and applicants need to provide evidence of English proficiency to take part in the program:


PBT (paper based test) - Required minimum score: 567

iBT (internet based test) - Required minimum score: 86 overall, (no less than 20 in each of the four component scores)


Required minimum score: 6.5

  • Applicants whose English language proficiency is low will be required to attend a six-month English language course.
  • Some of the specialized courses will be given in Arabic.
  • Following the assessment of the applicants scientific resumes by the Islamic Philosophy Department, those selected will be invited for an interview. Admission will be granted after successful applicants receive permission for studying in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

- The M.A. program is full-time for 2 years (including thesis work). Students will be allowed to complete their thesis research in their home country.



Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

- An accredited M.A. degree

- Scholarship for the two-year program (food expenses, Medical insurance and Dormitory only for singles)




Successful applicants will be committed to:

- Studying full-time at Al-Mustafa International University.

- Maintaining good academic performance throughout the program.

- Fully observing the relevant rules and regulations..

  Required Documents


Applicants are required to

- Complete and send the application form via the Emails mentioned below not later than July 22, 2015.

- Send a resume.

- Send a certified copy of their B.A. degree

- Send two letters of recommendation 

  Exam resources for the interview

           Majid Fakhri. A History of Islamic Philosophy. 2nd edition. New York: Columbia University Press, 1983.

           Leaman, O., An Introduction to Classical Islamic Philosophy (Cambridge, 2002) 

Ability to read and broadly understand texts in Arabic including:

·          «التنبیه علی سبیل السعاده» ابو نصر محمد بن محمد فارابی

·         «المنقذ من الضلال» غزالی

·         «فصل المقال فیما بین الحکمة و الشریعة من الإتصال» إبن رشد

·         «آرا اهل المدینه الفاضله» فارابی

  Contact Information


§  Email: edu.tehran@miu.ac.ir; tehran.miu.ac.ir@gmail.com

§  Web: http://tehran.miu.ac.ir/

§  Tel: +982188310226+982188310226


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