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Message from the Dean of MIU Ayatollah A’rafi, for the New Year of Education

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful
The  season  of  education  and  self-cleanse  is  superior  among  all  other  times  of man’s  life.  Although  all  eras  in  life  are  opportunities  for  moral  and  scientific growth,  the  adolescence  and  youth  period  is  an  exceptional  and  unique  time.
Thus,  man  must  value  this  period  and  understand  it  and  exploit  it  the  best possible way through smart decisions and choices and learn the way to perfection and completion.
The academic year 2015-2016 is starting while today’s world is in need of divine Qu’ranic and Islamic teachings more than ever, since man and the society are on a  historical  turn  to distinguish  between  guidance  or  mislead  for  their  ascent  or descent through deciding between evil and good, right and wrong. The Islamic society  and  the  Muslims  are  also  facing  their  destiny  as  they  must  choose between  the  pure  Muhammadi  Islam  founded  upon  justice,  wisdom, spirituality, resisting the oppression of the oppressor, kindness and benevolence towards  one  another  according  to  the  criterions  mentioned  in  the  Holy  Quran:
“Hard against the disbelievers but  merciful one to another”  [Quran, 48 : 29]   and the  American  Islam  which  is  shaped  as  Takfiri  movement,  Talibani  Islam,  AlQaedah,  Boko  Haram,  ISIS,  and  the  most  modern  of  which  is  the  Secular  and liberal Islam. To make the right decision, the intellectuals need to be enlightened and  scholars  and  intellectuals  must  initiate  movements  which  will  create  an important mission for the scientific and intellectual centre and Islamic seminaries.
Al-Mustafa International University is proud to endeavor towards the great benefits and perfection of Islamic nation and go beyond perverted, eclectic and divisive dialogues and train virtuous and focused scholars and create a lifesaving and  progressive  and  “generator  of  unity”  way  of  thinking.  For this purpose, I would like to remind the great scholars, lecturers and students of several points:
1-“Revival of the Islamic civilization” must be placed as the priority plan of AL-Mustafa as it is the grand aim and Islamic revolution dialogue.
2-  The  main  way  forward  of  Al-Mustafa  must  be  “logical  discourse”  and resistance before the oppressors and adopted by all Muslims and the followers of divine religions and justice and right seekers.
3- We must all work hard to apprehend and display a true understanding of divine teachings. The true understanding of Qur’anic and Ahl-ul-Bayt teachings is the only way to avoid the fake Islam and Takfiri movements.
4-  In  All  fields  and  scopes,  the  strategic  thinking  must  be  based  on
comprehensive  and  balanced  training  in  order  to  stay  away  from  innovative renovation  and  produce  and  support  devout  rationality  and  rational  devoutness and train virtuous scholars, Mystic Philosophers (‘Arif), vigilant heroes to enter the global society.
5- The seminary traditions in the fields of: education, research, moral and training and  all  fields  of  management  and  structures  and  ethos  and  lifestyle  must  be honoured  in  such  a  way  the  makes  Al-Mustafa  shine  more  than  even  as  an exemplar global and international seminary.
6- Establishing an identity all over the world for Seminary and its student is a strategic  duty  of  Al-Mustafa  and  every  one  must  prepare  the  scientific  and practical backgrounds for this purpose.
7- The other point that I would like to bring to attention is willingness to accept responsibility  by  students  and  local  staff  and  development  of  scientific  centers
and  accomplishment  of  ratified  plans  and  call  unanimity  and  agreement  as  a success key for this purpose.
8-  All  must  bear  in  mind  quality  improvement  in  all  areas  and  magazines  and fields and accomplishing all the standards and criterions in Al-Mustafa and move towards making Al-Mustafa the scientific resource in the Islamic world and even higher scale.  Undoubtedly, achieving this goal requires establishment of certain
plans  and  policies  and  extra  effort  by  principles,  lecturers,  the  learned  and  the students of Al-Mustafa.Therefore, all the effort must be put towards making  Al-Mustafa  the reference point for understanding and comprehending the Pure Islam and experience  of  the contemporary  Islamic  politics,  Philosophy  and  Islamic  lifestyle.  The scientific conferences and researches are one of the routes to this goal that must be placed on the action plan.
In final, I would like to congratulate all the students, learned scholars, respected lecturers and all those in charge of this knowledge and religious caravan inside and outside, on the upcoming of the study and soul cleansing season which is full of gifts and ask Allah (S.W.T) for prosperity and opportunities for all and hold in high regards the effort and hard work of all.
Wa salamu Alaykum wa rahamatullah wa  barakatuh
Ali reza Aarafi
Septemeber 2015

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