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Admission to M.A. Program in Islamic Philosophy

Admission to M.A.  Program in Islamic Philosophy

To address philosophical issues facing contemporary man as well as preparing the ground for dialogue between Islamic philosophy and western philosophy, Al Mustafa International University, Tehran Campus, is going to admit international students for its MA program in Islamic Philosophy. Prospective students must normally hold a Bachelors Degree and Admission requirements mentioned below.




MA program in Islamic philosophy (from a new perspective)


Islamic philosophy is considered as one of the most prominent representatives of religious rationalism which in addition to having its origin in human reason has been influenced by Islamic culture and civilization and this in turn has added to the depth and breadth of philosophical issues. Systematic/institutionalized rationalism, high analytical capacity and necessary flexibility in the face of new questions has provided this philosophy with the capacity required to address new issues as well as to review and evaluate them. Thus, this new approach to Islamic philosophy intends to address the most important issues facing contemporary man with a solution-oriented understanding.


The objectives of the program

1. To Provide the international students admitted to the program with the opportunity to obtain solid philosophical knowledge (not just historical) which has its origins in the foundations and achievements of Islamic philosophy (with special emphasis on Mulla Sadra’s transcendent theosophy);


2.  To identify the status of Islamic philosophy today in addressing contemporary concerns of man. This could provide an opportunity for dialog among different cultures;

3. To put an emphasis on extending theoretical philosophy to different spheres of human conduct including morality, economy and politics;

4. And to propose Islamic philosophy as a model perspective for life.


The approach of the program

1. Reviewing and evaluating philosophical issues within a historical context;

2. Using a dialog-based method to address important concerns of the modern man including identity and meaning crisis, environmental problems, collapse of family foundations and try to provide inter-subjective solutions;

3. Adopting an analytical and rational method in presenting the program.


Prospective students and instruction language of the program

1. The program is offered to English speaking audience and attendance is required.

2. The medium of instruction for most of the classes will be English (language of the students) and simultaneous interpretation will be available for some classes which will be offered in Arabic or Persian.

3. The students of the program will be required to write their research word and thesis in English.



Qualifications of the applicants

 1. The applicants of the program are required to hold a B.A. in an Islamic sciences and studies – related discipline or western philosophy;

·         Applicants whose B.A. is other than the ones mentioned but still enjoy some background in relevant areas will be considered in admission process.

2. Applicants are required to have English proficiency (TOEFL Score of 90) and at least basic Arabic reading skill;

·         Applicants who have done their B.A. in a university in which medium of instruction is English are not exempt from submitting a TOEFL certificate.


Documents required

1. B.A. academic record (transcript)

2. Resume (CV)

3. A recommendation letter from one the professors in the B.A. program

4. Completing the application form in the University’s website (see the bottom of this call) no later than July 31, 2016.


Title of the courses

A. Pre-requisites (10 Units)

Title of the course

Number of units

Traditional logic


Modern logic




Specialized English


Comparative theology



B. Specialized Courses (32 units)

Title of the course

Number of units

Transcendent Theosophy


History of Islamic philosophy


History of western philosophy


History of Islamic mysticism


Comparative philosophy


Comparative mysticism


Contemporary philosophical questions and problems (I): Metaphysics and Epistemology


Contemporary philosophical questions and problems (II): Philosophy of science


Contemporary philosophical questions and problems (III): applied philosophy (politics, ethics and arts)






1. The students of the program are required to attend the Persian Language Course and take the relevant Test after completing the course. Those who successfully complete the course will be given the Persian Language Certificate.

2. The students will also receive instruction to help improve their Arabic reading skill.


Here are some of the professors of the program

1. Hamidreza Ayatollahy (Ph.D.)

2. Mohammad Sa’eedi Mehr (Ph.D.)

3. Seyed Mohsen Miri (Ph.D.)

4. Homayoon Hemmati (Ph.D.)

5. Shahram Pazooki (Ph.D.)

6. Yahya Bono (Ph.D.)

7. Alireza Hodaee (Ph.D.)

8. Seyed Mohammad Ali Hojjati (Ph.D.)



Length and venue of the program

1. Length of the program including the time needed for the completion of the thesis will be at most 5 academic semesters (3 semesters for coursework and 2 semesters for writing the thesis).

Note: The students are allowed to complete the thesis in their own country.

2. The venue of the classes for the coursework will be in Tehran.


Admission procedure


1. Filling out the online application form available at the university’s website and uploading the required documents (recommendation letter(s), resume etc.)

2. Participating in an interview either in person or via internet depending on the applicants’ condition.

Note: The results of the interview and preliminary admission will be announced to the applicants via email.

3. Completing the admission procedure and getting an educational code number.

4.  The admitted applicants will be informed about the procedure of getting visa and residence permit in accordance with the regulations of the Al- Mustafa International University (MIU) later.


Services and expenses

A) Expenses

1. The students will have to take care of their travel expenses (ticket fare, etc).

2. The tuition for the whole program (including the coursework and thesis) is € 1600.


Note 1: The tuition fee for the prospective students who stay in Iran for 3 semesters to do their coursework and decide to complete the thesis in their own country is € 1000.

Note 2: Students who have excellent performance in their coursework and their excellence is approved by the department will receive student financial aid.

Note 3: The students are required to pay their tuition prior to the beginning of each semester to the financial department.


B) Services

1. The University will take care of the accommodation of the students.

2. Lunch and supper meals will be provided free of charge for single students.


Note: The services offered are only for the student himself. The university is not responsible for the accommodation and other expenses of their companions (wife and children, etc.)

C) Health Insurance

1. A health insurance booklet (free of charge). The student and those accompanying him and residing in Iran (Wife and children) each will be provided with health insurance booklet.

2. Complementary Private Health Insurance

In accordance with Almustafa University’s regulations and rules, the prospective students will be provided with complementary private health insurance, the details of which be given later.


A preview of the program held

Islamic philosophy from a new perspective program started with students from Nigeria, Albania and Germany and professors well-versed in the field and interested in addressing modern concerns. Prior to the start of the program, the students started learning Persian and Arabic. Since the program was problem-oriented, in addition to attending their coursework classes, the students were provided with opportunities to attend and benefit from academic conferences. For example, they attended the International Conference on Religion held in Tehran. They also actively attended a short-term course on rationalism. The first MA program in Islamic Philosophy from a new perspective is now at the final days of its second semester. After they have done with this semester, the students can start their thesis by proposing their topic of interesting and getting it approved by their department.

Contact details:

Website: Tehran.miu.ac.ir

E-mail: Tehran@miu.ac.ir

Telephone/fax: +98-21-88319979


To register, click on the following link:



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