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8th International Sumposium

General Features of the Course

General Features of the Course:
·Participants of all faiths are welcome.
·Students and scholars will have the opportunity to meet and study
under some of the leading voices in Islamic studies in both the East
and the West.

Time: 24th February - 4th March 2018

Admission Requirements:

Participants, academically or privately, involvements in the subject
of the course.
·Involvement in individual seminar classes.
·Proficiency in English (graduates of English speaking colleges and
universities are not required to offer TOEFL or IELTS degrees).
·Acceptance of the regulations of the I.R. Iran. Click here for further

A letter of application, along with resumes, a photo, passport, and a
documents that shows your proficiency in English language must
be scanned and sent to the following email address by no later than
January 22, 2018:

·Applicants are required to pay 300 Euros in order to participate in
the course, and for their accommodation expenses.
·Applicants are required to pay for their round-trip air-ticket.

Services and Facilities:
·Access to a first-rate research library and an atmosphere conducive to
education and study.
·Participants will be granted an Al-Mustafa University Certificate.
·Daily lunch, coffee and course materials will be provided by the
·Free transportation to the many important scientific centers and
historical places to be visited throughout the course of the seminar.
·A two-day vacation to an important Iranian city (such as Isfahan or
Qom, etc.).

·Free transportation to and from airport.

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