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Masters in Islamic Studies

 Islamic Studies—Systemic Approach


A systemic approach to Islam provides the following advantages:

1) It takes an organic, ordered, and universalistic approach to the Book and Tradition;

2) it provides an integrated, connected, and contiguous understanding of Islamic thought in the areas of jurisprudence, philosophy, theology, ethics, exegesis, and mysticism;

3) it holds a comprehensive perspective regarding historical developments within the Muslim world. As opposed to other Islamic Studies methodologies used in both the Muslim world and the West, a systemic approach  is defined by the following characteristics

a) an emphasis upon cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary methods in both education and research;

b) a comprehensiveness that takes into account the objective and social needs of contemporary humankind;

c) a universalistic perspective covering all Islamic sciences that endeavours to harmonize ambiguous and contradictory points into an integrated whole.

Course Goals:

1.      To present a systematic, ordered, and comprehensive understanding of Islam;

2.      To provide an intellectual framework facilitating multi-disciplinary exchange between the Islamic sciences;

3.      To prepare the groundwork for intellectual and academic exchange between the Muslim world and the other parts of the world.

Course Parameters:

1.      All subfields of Islamic Studies, given the inherently complex nature of both the subject at hand and the role of religion and Islam in the contemporary world, will be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

2.      The main approach defining the presentation of course texts and the conduct of research will be intellectual and analytic.

3.      This comprehensive approach to Islamic Studies will take contemporary social, spiritual and ethical dilemmas into account.

Course Language of Instruction and Prospective Student:

·        Instruction will be conducted in-person. Virtual-online or correspondence options are not available.

·        Most classes will be conducted in English, while some will be presented in Arabic or Farsi with simultaneous translation into English

·        Research papers and theses must also be written in English





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