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Dr Fanayi Eshkevari
Features of Islamic Mysticism (Erfan)
We start with terms. The basic term in this topic is Erfan, it is an Islamic term, has its root in Quran and in Hadith, for example in Hadith we have “man arafa nafsah faqad arafa rabbah”. The term Aref itself can be found in prayers, in sayings of prophets and Imam especially in supplications, for example in Doa Komeil we have “ya ghayata aamaale-l-aarefin” and we have “monajat-ol-aarefin”, so this word has Islamic root. And the word itself says what it is...
 11:44 - 04/10/2015 - Comments : 0More >>
Call for the sixth short-term course on Islam and contemporary issues
Islamic rationalism and contemporary issues
Al Mustafa International University – Tehran Campus – is planning to hold the sixth short-term course on "Islam and contemporary issues" under the title of "Islamic rationalism and contemporary issues” in the coming academic year (January 5-19, 2016).
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Message from the Dean of MIU Ayatollah A’rafi, for the New Year of Education
The season of education and self-cleanse is superior among all other times of man’s life. Although all eras in life are opportunities for moral and scientific growth, the adolescence and youth period is an exceptional and unique....
 13:27 - 29/09/2015 - Comments : 0More >>
Dr Ahmad Jalali
The mysticism of Khorasan
We are going to talk about four very important figures in the history of mysticism (Erfan) in the Islamic world and because the main language of the works is Persian in the Iranian side of the Islamic civilization, I am going to talk about Bayazid, Abolhassan Kharaghani, Ein-ol-Quzat Hamedani and Jaleldin Rumi. The reason ....
 11:44 - 01/08/2015 - Comments : 0More >>
Mohammad Kholfan
Avicenna and practical mysticism
Practical mysticism in Avicenna’s philosophy dates back to last years of his life, when he reached to a deep understanding of the concept of mysticism. Mysticism is the sign of knowing at a high level. Synonymous to knowledge in Arabic, there are noticeable differences between knowledge and mysticism. Knowledge is less wide than mysticism. Literally speaking, mysticism refers....
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